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Plant Extracts manufacturer---Naturalin,We mainly produce Plant Extract,Tea Extract,
Mushroom Extract,Fruit Extracts, Vegetable Extracts, etc.
Naturalin’s professional services assures you of high class products and premium
Naturalin is a Plant Extracts and Natural Ingredients manufacturer. 
Naturalin is founded in 2005. We develop plant extracts and natural ingredients
for food & beverage, nutrition,personal care, hygiene, pet feed and agriculture
industries, with focus on all the stages of the manufacturing process from raw materials
 to the final ingredients and its application solutions in industries. We believe the best 
ingredients can only come from the finest raw materials and manufacturing process controlling.
Naturalin is an Natural Ingredients application solutions Innovator for Nutrition, 
Food & Beverage and Personal Care industries. 
We believe each batch of goods is designed for your applications; Naturalin product
design in terms of your industry and products, help your products and process
innovation into the future with Natural Ingredients, bring science to nature.

Naturalin is a member of China Plant Extracts Standards Drafting Committee.
 We are at the forefront of plant extracts industry. This enables us to develop 
innovative and customized natural ingredients and its application solutions to meet the market demands.